Table 2 NEMA 85-P


Typical Fuctional Properties For Nominal 0.020" Mica Paper Heater Plate

(Typical toaster elemet)
Good, clean edges.
Smoke & Odor:
(Ignition in furnace @ 1150F)

(As typical wired toaster element)

Slight amount, not objectionable.

Slight amount during first 20-30 seconds of toaster "on" cycle.

Dimensional Stability:
(Oe hour in furnace @ 1200F, unsupported plate)

(Wired toaster element mounted in typical toaster - 4 minute heating cycle)

No puffing or blistering. Negligile owing; 1/64" shrinkage in length and width dimesions.

Maximum bow of 0.0273" as measured from original vertical position at ceter of element.

Edge Cut-Through Strength, Lbs.:
(Resistance to cut-through of vertical plate held against 1/32" wide blade loaded @ rate of 2"/minutes)
6.5 Avg.
Overvoltage Endurance:
(1000 "On-Off" cycles at 150 volts AC, typical toaster elemet in toaster rated for 110 volts AC)
Plate retained structural integrity and completely functioal.


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