Glass Laminates




Property Highlights

TSF, ETS and GP-9105 Nema GPO-1, Economical, general purpose laminate.
UTS, ETS-FR and GP-9206 ema GPO-2, Highlyflame resistant, Meets UL 94V-0.
UTR, ETR-FRC and GP-9306 Nema GPO-3, UL Recognized. Flame resistant, arc and track resistant.
SG-200, HST II and GP-200 HT High heat resistance. Excellent retention of physical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures.
Glastherm SŪ For mold, platen, and general thermal insulation applications where superior physical strength is required, along with excellet insulating properties.
Glastherm HTŪ For thermal insulation applicatio where superior physical strength, insulating properties, and extra high temperature resistance is requred.


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