Mica Paper


Table 1 NEMA 85-P
Table 2 NEMA 85-P
Table 1 NEMA 9P


High temperature stability

Excellent mechanical strength

Outstanding electrical properties

Superior arc resistance

Low cost



Resistance to radiation


NEMA 85-P silicone bonded mica paper heater plate is used as supporting insulation for glowing, red-hot resistance wire heating elements for use in electric toasters, hair dryers, curlers, electric "hot" combs, high temperature thermostats, control devices, strip heaters and baseboard heaters, and for gaskets, spacers, and in other appliances and applications where good mechanical and electrical properties, as well as high-temperature stability are required.


This versatile mica paper heater plate which has virtually replaced most mica splitting heater plate, is available in all thicknesses from .008" through 1/8". It combines the outstanding mechanical properties of the organic bonded types with the high temperature stability of the inorganic bonded types. The result is a good, overall balance between mechanical strength, electrical resistance, dielectric strength, thermal stability to 1000 deg F, machinability, and low cost. Low outgassing and good radiation resistance make this material ideal for nuclear and aerospace applications. Its ready machinability by ordinary shop practices and equipment make it a candidate for many costly molded ceramic insulators.

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